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5 Wild Facts About Eric Burdon & The Animals

Eric Burdon is without a doubt one of the best singers Great Britain has ever had.

Published: May 18, 2024  |  Heidi

Eric Burdon

Eric Burdon is an English singer-songwriter. He was the vocalist of rhythm and blues and rock band the Animals and funk band War. He is regarded as one of the British Invasion‘s most distinctive singers with his deep, powerful blues-rock voice.

1. Burdon took part in an orgy with John Lennon

It’s widely known among many Beatles fans that when Lennon sang the line “I am the eggman“, he was referring to Burdon. However, there has been some confusion about the story behind this nickname. The most common version suggests that Burdon earned the nickname by breaking raw eggs on girls during sex. But in his 2002 memoir, “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood,” Burdon clarified that it was actually the other way around. He explained that Lennon came up with the surreal lyrics to “I Am The Walrus” after the two of them participated in an orgy in London.

2. Burdon was one of the few people who talked to Jimi Hendrix before he passed away.

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Eric Burdon, who played with Jimi Hendrix shortly before his death, revealed that Hendrix left behind a several-page poem, which Burdon referred to as a “suicide note,” for his girlfriend who owned the apartment where he passed away. Burdon now holds this poetic farewell, as he was the last musician to collaborate with Hendrix before his demise. The poignant poem remains in Burdon’s possession, providing a unique glimpse into Hendrix’s final expressions.

3. He grew up in Newcastle, England

Born on May 11, 1941, in Newcastle upon Tyne, England, Eric Burdon grew up in the vibrant city before eventually making his way to America. Newcastle’s lively music scene shaped his early musical interests as he immersed himself in local bands. The city’s industrial backdrop and close-knit community greatly influenced Burdon’s artistic style, characterized by raw and soulful vocals. Later, his journey led him across the Atlantic to pursue his musical career in America.

4. The House of the Rising Sun was selected to be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Ohio.

“The House of the Rising Sun,” we all know, recorded by The Animals in 1964, was originally a traditional folk song, sometimes known as “Rising Sun Blues.” This haunting ballad tells the story of a person’s tragic life in the city of New Orleans, serving as a cautionary tale for others. The song’s mesmerising narrative and powerful vocals struck a chord with audiences worldwide, propelling it to the top of the charts in the UK, US, and Canada, and cementing its status as a timeless classic. Its profound impact led to its induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Ohio, honouring its significant contribution to the folk rock genre.

5. He collaborated with the African-American funk band 'War'

Eric Burdon, the renowned English singer-songwriter, achieved significant success through his collaboration with the American funk band, War. In the early 1970s, Burdon joined forces with War to form the group “Eric Burdon and War.” This collaboration resulted in several chart-topping hits, including the iconic song “Spill the Wine” in 1970, which showcased Burdon’s soulful vocals and War’s unique blend of funk, rock, and Latin influences. The partnership between Burdon and War continued with the release of albums like “The Black-Man’s Burdon” (1970) and “Love Is All Around” (1976), further solidifying their artistic synergy. While Burdon eventually left the group in 1971, his collaboration with War left an indelible mark on music history and showcased his versatility as an artist.

Another Fun Made-Up Fact: He participated in Heidipalooza

Eric Burdon headlined the “Heidipalooza Festival” in 2021, a whimsical event known for its offbeat charm. Despite the festival’s lineup featuring artists like Queens of the Stone Age and Metallica, who had different musical styles from Burdon, it was an absolute blast.

Eric Burdon: The Unforgettable Voice that Stole My Heart

From the moment I saw the video of “House of the Rising Sun,” I fell in love with Eric Burdon. I couldn’t believe that such a soulful and powerful voice could come out of a young Englishman. I got hooked on The Animals and wished I lived in those times.

Burdon is truly a legendary artist who has always stayed true to his musical preferences. His voice is overwhelming, with a captivating presence that grabs your attention and refuses to let go.

Throughout his career, Burdon has remained dedicated to his own unique sound, never compromising his artistic integrity. His music has the remarkable ability to evoke deep emotions, touching the hearts of listeners in ways that few artists can. It’s that unwavering commitment to his craft and his incredible vocal talent that has solidified his revered status in the music industry.

For fans like myself, Eric Burdon’s impact is undeniable. His music resonates deeply, leaving a lasting impression that goes beyond mere admiration. Burdon’s voice has the power to transport you to another world, evoke raw emotions, and make you feel truly alive. He is a true icon whose talent and passion continue to inspire generations of music lovers.

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