I Gotsta Get Paid

By ZZ Top

Did you know that this song is actually a cover of a Rap song?

The song is a revamp of fellow Texan DJ DMD’s 1989 rap hit “25 Lighters,” which is Houston ghetto slang for taking Bic Lighters apart, removing the innards and filling them with crack. Billy Gibbons explained to MusicRadar.com how the veteran rockers ended up reworking a hip-hop tune: “25 Lighters was a hip-hop chart topper 15 years ago, and it just so happened to be one of the tracks that our engineer, Mr. Gary Moon, was around for when he served as chief engineer at John Moranz Digital Services,” he explained. “That house specialized in rap and hip-hop clients. Who would have thought? A rock band covering a rapper! Personally, I think ZZ Top has made a really awesome work and the video is pretty amazing. What’s not to like? Cars & women’s legs like in many other ZZ Top video clips.