Metallica's 72 Seasons: Album Review & Thrilling M72 World Tour Experience

Published: June 30, 2023  |  Heidi

72 Seasons by Metallica

From Studio to Stage: Exploring Metallica's 72 Seasons and M72 World Tour

Unveil the captivating charm of Metallica’s ‘72 Seasons‘ album. This remarkable release captures the band’s distinct style, combining raw energy and artistic flair. However, it is the extraordinary M72 World Tour that truly amplifies its allure. With diverse set lists and electrifying performances, the tour ignites a frenzy, infusing the album’s tracks with unparalleled energy. Prepare for an unforgettable experience as Metallica’s tour takes you on a wild musical adventure.

As a devoted fan of Metallica, I eagerly purchased tickets for the 72 Seasons tour and immediately immersed myself in their latest album. The first single, Lux Æterna, was released in November 2023. I was thrilled by its sound, as it reminded me of their earlier works while embracing a slightly lighter tone.

This year, in May 2023, I had the incredible opportunity to attend two concerts on the M72 World Tour in Hamburg, Germany. What made these shows truly exceptional was that Metallica curated different setlists for each performance, ensuring a unique experience for their fans. Attending both concerts proved to be among the top ten (possibly even top five) moments of my life. Metallica’s passion for their craft and their evident love for their loyal fanbase greatly enhanced my appreciation for their new albums.

Whether you like it or not, Metallica is undeniably the coolest heavy metal band in the world. And if you happen to be part of Generation Z and exclusively listen to heavier metal bands, take a moment to unwind and truly immerse yourself in Metallica’s earlier albums. Pay close attention to the lyrics and appreciate the artistry they bring forth. 

Even Elton John himself once remarked on Metallica’s impact, specifically mentioning their legendary ballad “Nothing Else Matters.” During a memorable appearance on The Howard Stern Show, Elton John moved Metallica frontman James Hetfield to tears with his profound admiration. He called the band’s track ‘Nothing Else Matters’ “one of the best songs ever written,” cementing its status as a timeless masterpiece.

The Meaning Behind 72 Seasons

In an interview, James Hetfield shared his thoughts on the album’s title, 

“72 Seasons.” “The name ’72 Seasons’ came out of a book I was reading about childhood, basically, and sorting out childhood as an adult. And 72 seasons is basically the first 18 years of your life. How do you evolve and grow and mature, and develop your own ideas and identity of self after those first 72 seasons? Some things are more difficult than others. Some things you can’t unsee, and they’re with you for the rest of your life.

 And other things, you’re able to rewind the tape and make a new tape, you know, in your life. So that’s the real interesting part for me, is how you’re able to address those situations as an adult and mature sometimes,” explained Hetfield.

When I stop and think about it, this album is like the ultimate gift for an 18-year-old. Its stunning meaning and deep resonance make it a no-brainer. Maybe I should stash it away for my future son?

72 Seasons: Vibrant Colours, Merchandise, and the Unforgettable Tour

The allure of 72 Seasons by Metallica lies not only in its musical content but also in its visually striking elements. One of the key factors that made this album particularly captivating to me is the incorporation of an attractive yellow colour palette. The merchandise associated with the album, along with the accompanying “No Repeat Weekend” tour, adds to its special appeal. Together, these elements create a cohesive experience that enhances the overall enjoyment of the album and solidifies its unique identity.

Exploring the Artwork of Metallica's 72 Seasons

Metallica’s 72 Seasons album cover showcases a broken crib and charred belongings, symbolizing the transformative first 18 years of life. However, the burnt guitar depicted on the cover raises questions. Upon closer examination, it bears a striking resemblance to a late-’80s Fernandes LE-1 Strat copy. 

This detail holds special significance for fans familiar with Kirk Hammett’s connection to Fernandes guitars, particularly his cherished ‘Edna’ that graced a previous album cover. If indeed intentional, this subtle nod adds depth to the artwork, evoking thoughts about the impact of our early instruments and musical experiences on our lifelong musical journey.

Metallica 72 Seasons Review

This might not be the number one, or even the second or third favorite metallic album of the metal fans, but it does bring something we’ve missed; it’s metallic after all. For me, what I really liked about this album is their artwork, the merchandise, and a couple of cool songs like “72 Seasons” (a great opening song for concerts) and “Lux Æterna.”

72 Seasons (The Song)

Now, let’s discuss the eponymous track, “72 Seasons.” This song steals the spotlight as the album opener, and let me tell you, it’s a real gem. Kicking off with an instrumental intro, it immediately sweeps you away to a captivating place that captivates your senses. I remember being at their concert in Hamburg a couple of months ago, and when they played this track, I was overwhelmed with emotion. It felt like the beginning of something truly special, harking back to that classic Metallica vibe we all know and love. This song truly deserves its place as the album opener and would undoubtedly make an epic addition to their live setlist!

Catchy Finds: Other Noteworthy Tracks in Metallica's 72 Seasons

Another song that I liked was “Screaming Suicide.” In my opinion, it surpassed many contemporary releases by other bands in 2023, though it may not be considered the pinnacle of Metallica’s discography. Nevertheless, it showcased their ability to consistently create quality music.

There were two songs in particular that required some time to grow on me. It was only after witnessing their live performances and re-watching my Instagram stories that I truly began to like them. The first was “You Must Burn!”, and the second, “If Darkness Had A Son”, became even more enthralling due to the crowd’s enthusiastic response, which ignited a rush of dopamine within me.

Metallica’s 72 Seasons album offers a refreshing take on their signature sound. While staying true to their roots, the band presents a slightly lighter approach, demonstrating their versatility and ability to evolve over time. The M72 tour’s unique concert experience further solidified Metallica’s dedication to their fans, showcasing their unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional live performances. Although some songs may require multiple listens to fully appreciate, the album as a whole is a testament to Metallica’s enduring legacy as the world’s coolest heavy metal band.

In summary, Metallica’s ’72 Seasons’ album delivers a solid musical experience, showcasing the band’s unique blend of energy and artistry. Paired with the exhilarating M72 World Tour, the album comes alive, captivating fans with its dynamic performances, unforgettable moments, and enduring impact. It is a testament to Metallica’s ongoing influence and their unwavering commitment to their dedicated Metallica family.

Until Next Time, Metallica! See You in 2024!

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