Metallica's M72 World Tour: An Unforgettable Journey

Metallica's 72 Seasons Tour - No Repeat Weekend in Hamburg

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Published: June 6, 2023  |  Heidi

Thank you Metallica for two unforgettable nights in Hamburg!

A week ago, I returned from Hamburg, where I attended Metallica‘s 72 Seasons Tour. What made it truly unique was the “No Repeat Weekend” concept. With a single ticket, I got to enjoy two concerts in the same city, each with a different setlist. It was an unforgettable experience, one of the best in my life, and not just because of the music. So, if you’re a Metallica fan, you’re in for a treat! Get ready to hear my story and dive into the world of Metallica alongside me!

As I wandered into the city centre of Hamburg, near the beautiful Alster, I found myself immersed in a lively and buzzing atmosphere. People from all over Germany proudly sported their Metallica t-shirts, showcasing their love for Metallica. Whole families, spanning different generations, embraced the band’s music and merchandise, instantly connecting with fellow fans. 

Even little kids were wearing Metallica tees, which were absolutely adorable! The people I encountered were incredibly friendly and warm, further highlighting their deep affection for Metallica.

On the day of the concert, as I made my way to the stadium, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the train was filled with Metallica fans. It felt as if the entire train had transformed into a gathering of passionate Metallica enthusiasts. 

Excited by this unexpected sight, I couldn’t help but call my boyfriend to share the experience through a video call. Now, it’s worth mentioning that my boyfriend can’t even bear to hear the word ‘Metallica’! 

It was truly amusing to witness the overwhelming presence of Metallica fans on that train, creating an atmosphere that overflowed with enthusiasm and a sense of unity. While standing on the train, one of the guys pointed at my nail colour and flashed me a smile, which was really cool.

When we arrived at the Volksparkstadion stadium, there were various stands selling bratwurst and beers, and Metallica’s music was playing in the background. It felt like a big celebration for Metallica fans. I even met a group of guys who had traveled all the way from Munich, driving for over 8 hours just to see Metallica in Hamburg! We walked together towards the concert, drinking more beers along the way. 

Once we reached the stadium, we had another round of beers before saying goodbye, as we had seats in different sections. However, I’ve already decided that next year, I’m going to get a standing ticket in Munich for Metallica’s concert (which follows the same no-repeat concept). While they stood in the standing section, I made my way to my designated seat.

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Hamburg, Germany
metallica tour hamburg 2023
M72 World Tour No Repeat Weekend in Hamburg 2023

I found my seat, and there was a couple sitting next to me, as well as two other men who were around my dad’s age. They were really cool! The concert started with the Ennio Morricone masterpiece, “The Ecstasy of Gold,” and then they opened with an AC/DC song. It was really cool to see everyone standing up.

And then, the moment we had all been waiting for arrived. Metallica took the stage, and I couldn’t hold back my tears. Overwhelmed with pure bliss and emotion, I experienced an indescribable feeling. It was my first time witnessing their live performance, and I found myself utterly captivated by the grandeur of the central stage, the mesmerizing play of lights, and the awe-inspiring visuals displayed on the giant screens.

Whenever a song from, “72 Seasons” echoed through the venue, the stage would be bathed in vibrant yellow light, just like the shade I had chosen when I got my nails done before the trip. I absolutely adored the yellow lights; they engulfed everything, from Lars’s thunderous drums to Trujillo’s resonant bass. It had a profound psychological effect on me, deepening my appreciation for the album and the colour yellow.

As an old-school kind of gal, I usually lean towards their older stuff. However, I found myself enjoying a few songs from the new album as well. They delivered an outstanding performance of “Lux Æterna”, “You Must Burn,” and “If Darkness Had a Son.” These powerful tracks had the privilege of gracing both the first and second concerts, leaving an everlasting impression on devoted fans like myself.

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As for the older songs, I was thrilled when they played “Sad But True” – it was absolutely amazing! I couldn’t stop singing, and I also loved belting out “Wherever I May Roam” and “One!”

What was truly astonishing, the cherry on top, was when they played “Call of Ktulu”! I never really expected them to perform it in a concert. Wow! And of course, they also rocked the stage with their energetic song, “Whiskey in the Jar.” The crowd joyfully sang along, beers raised in the air. 

I adore it when James always says in live shows, “And there is a man like me who loves to hear the Metallica family.” So sweet. They also played “Enter Sandman,” which ignited even more jumping and enthusiasm! And you know who really likes that song? My dad!

The second show was just as incredible as the first. I thought it might feel more familiar, and that I would be slightly less emotional, but that wasn’t the case. I prepared for it as if I were getting ready for a date with my crush, I swear!

The Epic Sequel: Unleashing Metallica Emotions and Merch Mayhem

The second show was just as remarkable as the first. I had anticipated a sense of familiarity, expecting to be less emotional this time around, but boy was I wrong. I prepared for it with the same excitement as getting ready for a date with a crush, I’m not joking!

But before we dive into that, let’s rewind a bit. I had a day of rest between the two concerts, and during that time, I took the opportunity to relax by the serene Alster and do some shopping. I treated myself to a coveted Yves Saint Laurent bag that I had my eye on. However, the very next day, I realised that Metallica merch may come at a lower price but is worth so much more!

I decided to visit the Metallica pop-up store in Hamburg. I expected a queue, but I never anticipated it would stretch for thousands of people, all patiently waiting without anyone leaving. I stood in line for about two and a half hours, and let me tell you, it was an experience in itself. Metallica even offered a chance to win a coveted snake pit prize to those who made a purchase. It was cool, although I didn’t win. 

Finally, after the long wait, I stepped into the store, and to my surprise, it was the first clothing store ever to blast Metallica’s music! After waiting for so long, I ended up buying at least five items for myself and my family!

So, I returned to my hotel and began preparing for the second show. I wore a pink strapless shirt (I know, I’m not exactly the typical metal outfit person), but I proudly put on my Metallica “72 Seasons” hoodie over it. Once again, I was surrounded by fans, enjoying the pre-concert atmosphere with beers and music, like a little party before the main event.

Unleashing Emotion: Tears, Kirk on Drums, Trujillo Screaming 'Danke,' and Lars on Guitar - James Calls Upon the Metallica Family

I reunited with the guys who had been sitting next to me the previous night, and together we sang and raised our horns. Yes, I cried again, unable to contain my overwhelming emotions. Metallica brought their full power to the stage, and even Kirk played the drums while Lars handled the guitar! Trujillo was screaming “danke” and “yeahhh,” and James was as sweet as ever when he said, “You are all here to celebrate life with your family Metallica, thank you so much!” It was an incredibly enjoyable experience. 

During their performance of “Nothing Else Matters,” everyone in the crowd had their phones out, capturing the beautiful moment. I made sure to film it for my mum since she truly loves that song! Papa Het, aka James Hetfield, is one of my favourite men in rock, and I am really glad I got to see him live.

To sum it up, I am still in shock, and the whole experience was an absolute blast. I didn’t want Metallica to leave the stage! I can’t wait for next year. If you’re a Metallica fan, do yourself a favour and buy tickets for next year’s concert. It’s an experience that is worth every penny. And if you happen to see me there, come and say hi!

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M72 Pop-Up shop in Hamburg